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Style Up. Ride Design. Live TNT.

Smart Performance. Sensuous Styling. TNT 25, a naked sportbike that offers amazing value in addition to sexy styling and stimulating performance.
The TNT 25 is powered by a lightweight and spirited liquid-cooled four-stroke single displacing 249cc and utilizing 4-valve technology and dual overhead camshafts for maximum power. Electric starting means it’s easy to get moving, while a steel-tube lattice frame – like those on our larger, sportier bikes – helps give the TNT 25 secure and agile handling. Stylish wheels and advanced suspension help keep rough roads in check. Ride in style. Live TNT.
  • إزاحة المحرك 249,2 c.c.
  • القدرة الناتجة 18 kW (25,5 Cv) @ 9000 rpm
  • سعة التنك بدون الإحتياطى 17 lt

أهم الخصائص


In 1911, Benelli developed the first bike, but in 2004, with the launch of the Tornado Naked Tre 1130, began the legend of the special Benelli "roar". That fantastic and unique sound that characterizes us and incorporates a plus of adrenaline. When you hear the TNT 25, like the rest of the TNT, the sound is music to your ears! Braaaapp!!!


Our vertical, four-stroke single-cylinder engine may be small, but it’s smooth and powerful – and perfect for the lightweight TNT 25. 4-valve technology ensures the engine has plenty of motivation for beginners and veterans alike.


Like our larger machines, the TNT 25 features a steel-tube lattice frame, which offers rigidity for superb handling, and light weight for maneuverability and confidence-inspiring handling. Advanced suspension keeps the ride smooth.


The TNT 25’s ergonomics are optimized for a roomy and comfortable seating position, which helps make around-town runs – and longer trips – plenty relaxing.


The TNT 25 features state-of-the-art styling, with sexy bodywork, machined and cast-alloy parts, and stylish looks that grab attention. You will love being seen on this one.

المواصفات الفنية




2080 mm
الإرتفاع الكلى بدون المرايات
1125 mm
إرتفاع شلتة قائد الدراجة النارية عن الأرض
810 mm
  • العرض الكلى بدون المرايات 810 mm
  • بعد أدنى نقطة بالدراجة النارية عن الأرض 180 mm
  • وزن الدراجة النارية بدون تحميل 143kg
  • الوزن المسموح به على الطريق غير متاح
  • الوزن الكلى المسموح به غير متاح
  • سعة التنك بدون الإحتياطى 17 lt
  • كمية الوقود الإحتياطية بالتنك 3 lt
  • البعد بين أكسات العجلات 1400 mm

*شركة بينللى لها الحق فى تغيير بعضاً من المواصفات الفنية / الملحقات / الأجهزة / الألوان بدون الرجوع للعميل


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