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Gear-Up. Twist Throttle. Roll Out.

Looking for a fun, fast, and aggressively-styled​ naked sportbike? Look no further than our new TNT300 – a thoroughly modern 300cc naked machine with the looks and performance of a much larger motorcycle. The TNT300’s liquid-cooled, vertical twin-cylinder engine shares much of its architecture with the engine powering our 600cc TNT600 and GT sportbikes, and generates an amazing 38 horsepower from only 300cc’s.
The steel-trellis frame is lightweight and state-of-the-art, while suspension front and rear provides all the control you’ll need with superb ride characteristics and confidence-inspiring handling. Stylish. Fun. Fast. That’s the TNT300!
  • إزاحة المحرك 300 c.c.
  • القدرة الناتجة 28kW/10000r/min
  • سعة التنك بدون الإحتياطى 16 lt

أهم الخصائص


In 1911, Benelli developed the first bike, but in 2004, with the launch of the Tornado Naked Tre 1130, began the legend of the special Benelli "roar". That fantastic and unique sound that characterizes us and incorporates a plus of adrenaline. When you hear the TNT 300, like the rest of the TNT, the sound is music to your ears! Braaaapp!!!


New design and style DNA Tornado Benelli, headlight and general aesthetics typical of a Benelli Naked. We redouble the bet and confirm once again the brand that inspires trend.


Multi-adjustable suspension – an inverted fork up front and a single shock in back – ensures that ride quality over even the worst surfaces remains plush and consistent.

LED Lighting

LED lighting technology is present in the TNT 300. Here she is in the rear lamp and the corresponding turn signals.


The presentation of the TNT 300 board is classic for our times, using a digital multifunction display and an analog dial.

المواصفات الفنية




2125 mm
الإرتفاع الكلى بدون المرايات
1130 mm
إرتفاع شلتة قائد الدراجة النارية عن الأرض
795 mm
  • العرض الكلى بدون المرايات 8000 mm
  • بعد أدنى نقطة بالدراجة النارية عن الأرض 140 mm
  • وزن الدراجة النارية بدون تحميل 183 kg
  • الوزن المسموح به على الطريق غير متاح
  • الوزن الكلى المسموح به غير متاح
  • سعة التنك بدون الإحتياطى 16 lt
  • كمية الوقود الإحتياطية بالتنك 3 lt
  • البعد بين أكسات العجلات 1405 mm

*شركة بينللى لها الحق فى تغيير بعضاً من المواصفات الفنية / الملحقات / الأجهزة / الألوان بدون الرجوع للعميل


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