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Sport. Commute. Tour. Do It All!

Do-everything motorcycles are amazing things, and the TNT 600 GT sport tourer is no exception. Around town it’s a nimble little rocket. As a sportbike it’s fast, fun and an agile handler. And as a touring machine it’s superb, with excellent wind and weather protection (thanks to its unique fairing design), optional saddlebags, advanced chassis, ultra smooth engine, roomy ergonomics and massive fuel capacity.
Plenty of smooth power comes from an advanced, liquid-cooled 600cc inline-four engine with sixteen valves and double overhead camshafts. The frame is a unique combination of cast-aluminum and steel trellis, with the engine used as a stressed member. Sensuous bodywork and fairing manage the wind effectively, while advanced suspension front and rear smooth the ride.
Commuting, sport riding, touring. The TNT 600 GT is the best of all worlds!
  • إزاحة المحرك 600 c.c.
  • القدرة الناتجة 60 kW (82 cv) @ 11000 rpm
  • سعة التنك بدون الإحتياطى 27 lt

أهم الخصائص


Smooth GT power comes from an advanced, 600cc liquid-cooled inline four with dual camshafts and 4-valve-per-cylinder heads for optimum efficiency. Six speeds mean there’s a ratio for every situation.


The GT’s futuristic half-fairing looks good and routes air above and around the rider for a comfortable and quiet ride at speed. Ultra bright headlights make night riding a no-stress experience, too.


The GT’s frame is a combination of beautifully sculpted alloy casting and steel-tube trellis. The engine is used as a stressed member, and the result is lightweight and plenty rigid for optimum handling.


Advanced instrumentation, including a traditional analog tachometer and digital speedometer, keep the rider abreast of vital information at all times.

المواصفات الفنية




2150 mm
الإرتفاع الكلى بدون المرايات
1280 mm
إرتفاع شلتة قائد الدراجة النارية عن الأرض
800 mm
  • العرض الكلى بدون المرايات 840 mm
  • بعد أدنى نقطة بالدراجة النارية عن الأرض 150 mm
  • وزن الدراجة النارية بدون تحميل 223 kg
  • الوزن المسموح به على الطريق 243 kg
  • الوزن الكلى المسموح به 443 kg
  • سعة التنك بدون الإحتياطى 27 lt
  • كمية الوقود الإحتياطية بالتنك 5 lt
  • البعد بين أكسات العجلات 1470 mm

*شركة بينللى لها الحق فى تغيير بعضاً من المواصفات الفنية / الملحقات / الأجهزة / الألوان بدون الرجوع للعميل


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